Physiotherapy Treatments

Katie Foster Physiotherapy offers a wide range of services.


Our Treatments Include

Biomechanical assessment • Sports massage • Soft tissue release • Joint mobilisations and Manipulations • Muscle energy techniques • Mulligans techniques • Acupuncture / Electroacupuncture • Pilates mat and reformer • Taping techniques • Vestibular assessment and treatment • Strength training • Strength training for fall prevention • Core stability training for back pain • Patient specific home exercise programs • Run gait assessments • Swim technique assessment • Sport specific technique and strength training • Myofascial release techniques

Our Speciality physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Katie Foster Physiotherapy has experience working with athletes of all levels from weekend warriors to professional and olympic athletes. She has worked with many sports from ice hockey and lacrosse to track athletes and short track speed skaters.

From pitch side to return to play Katie Foster Physiotherapy can help you assess and manage your acute injury, providing education on how to maintain fitness and optimise your recovery to have you back to your sport as soon as possible. Helping you get fitter and stronger with better movement patterns than pre-injury to prevent recurrence and reduce risk of further injury.

Katie Foster Physiotherapy can help with pre game taping and pitch side management as well as providing clinic and gym based therapy and strengthening. Working with you from acute injury to full fitness and return to play.

Katie Foster Physiotherapy can offer pilates and reformer pilates for conditioning and return to sport post injury.


Manual Therapy

The team at Katie Foster Physiotherapy have a strong emphasis on manual therapy within their treatment approaches. This combined with techniques including acupuncture, cupping, taping, stretching and joint mobilization provides diverse treatments that target the body as a whole rather than focusing on the part producing the symptoms.

By using a whole body approach you can be confident that imbalances and overloaded structures are identified and addressed to aid a sustained recovery.


Katie is proud to affiliate with Portland Pilates and Physio to bring you open studio sessions. Using the 5 reformer studio these 30 minute sessions are available to book time on a Pilates tower reformer to work on rehabilitation exercises and strength under the guidance of Katie and the Pilates instructors from Portland Pilates and Physio. Bring your existing rehab program or allow us to prescribe one specifically to your needs. Using all the Pilates equipment; balls, bands, tower reformers and arcs we can adapt and progress any rehab plan to help you achieve your goals faster.