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Portland Pilates

Katie Foster and Portland Pilates

Katie foster Physio is now affiliated with Portland Pilates allowing for collaborative treatment planning with your Physio, massage therapist and Pilates instructor.

Combining the skills of all the therapists and Pilates instructors we can provide care from acute injury right through to self management and strength and conditioning stages. This unique team approach to your care means you are in safe hands in your treatments and classes with frequent review of your individual needs by the whole team, with your permission of course.

We are pleased to offer the only open studio with expert guidance for your personal rehab practice.

These sessions are run in 30 minute blocks in our 5 reformer studio. You are able to practice rehabilitation exercises on our reformer Pilates machines with access to bands, balls, rollers, towers and arcs. All sessions are supervised by Physiotherpists and Pilates instructors with many years of experience to guide you through your exercises and provide modifications, progressions and variety as required.

All instructors are happy to assist with your pre prescribed programs adapting them for the reformer machines or are able to design programs to suit your rehabilitation needs as specified by your treatment plans.

For more information on the Pilates offered at Portland Pilates or to book and Open Studio space please visit

Cheltenham Running Club

Katie Foster and Cheltenham Running Club

Katie Foster Physio has teamed up with Cheltenham Running club to offer a unique run club experience.

Both Katie Foster and Conor Graham specialise in run gait assessments, looking for technique flaws that will lead to injury and impaired performance. With education, treatment and strength and conditioning they work together to help you meet your running goals.

Specialised running workshops are being held at various locations around cheltenham, please see for details. These workshops provide athletes with education on how to run better, how to enhance their bodies and performance and how to self manage injuries and perform injury prevention.

Club runs are held 2-3 times a weeks with both Katie Foster and Conor Graham attending to answer questions and help with technique as you run.

For more information or to join Cheltenham Running Club please visit:



“Hi Katie. A year ago you were treating me after I badly sprained my ankle, and you promised me that you’d get me back out running again. Just wanted you to know that not only did I complete Brighton Marathon in April, but last weekend I ran 100k off road over 2 days (Race to the Stones). All without any problems! Thank you for giving me the confidence to get back out on the trails.”


T Wallace

“Kate is brilliant! She has completely changed my perception of what a physio is all about, and I would highly recommend that anyone hoping to find a therapist who is on the ball, interested in the patient’s issues, thinks outside of the box, is determined to find resolution, and not to mention also extremely experienced and well qualified – should book an appointment with Kate! From the very first session, I noticed an immediate decrease in my level of pain, and it was also clear that she has a sound understanding of the body and what causes what to hurt, what affects different areas, and how to treat them quickly. She is unafraid to experiment with multiple approaches that she feels may help her patient to recover and heal, which is extremely refreshing. I would recommend Kate without hesitation!”


Janet J

” I took my daughter to Kate after a bad accident where she had fallen from a horse. The accident had left my daughter with a shattered elbow and a metal replacement radial head.

Kate was great, with her extremely positive and friendly approach she quickly built up a great relationship with my daughter who has a severe learning difficulty. I was amazed at how my daughter responded to her treatment. She loved going and the improvement was brilliant. The flexibility in her arm improved and so did the degree of straightness.

I have also been to Kate for a running analysis, which I would highly recommend. Kate helped to improve an ongoing knee problem as a result.

Kate is a friendly, trustworthy professional and has achieved great results.”


L Beard

“Expert, insightful, educational and successful – that is how I would describe my visits with Katie Foster. I had some niggling issues which were taking the fun out of running and time in the gym but after some video analysis and detailed discussion, it did not take long at all to identify and correct the issue. I was surprised to learn what an odd angle that I ran at! Katie told me exactly what was happening where and how best to fix things(with some treatment & also homework) which gave me absolute confidence. Every question was met with a straight and informative answer. I have to say, it was really fun – not what I would expect with Physiotherapy – and it didn’t take long to get things sorted at all. Time and money very well spent, I recommend Katie Foster Physiotherapy wholeheartedly.”


Alison S

“Simply the best! Katie has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and is able to spot diagnose and treat any problem efficiently and accurately. She has treated both myself following a hip replacement and my daughter through a protracted athletics injury last year as well as various aches, pains and sprains/ tears using a variety of techniques with professionalism and kindness getting her through to full training and competition again….. With Katie’ s help and advice she is now fitter than ever and has been injury free for some time. Never too busy to help, no niggle too small,she is friendly, supportive and understanding….. We will never go anywhere else!”


Sarah C

“Kate is passionate about getting to the root cause of a patient’s injury and uses her wealth of anatomical knowledge to build a recovery programme. You feel at ease straightway in Kate’s presence and her enthusiasm is infectious”


R & J Hunter

“My husband and I unfortunately suffered acute, painful and debilitating conditions within a few weeks of each other. We saw many medical professionals during this time but in both cases it was Kate’s expertise that confirmed diagnosis, performed treatment, and recommended rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. We have recommended Kate to friends since as the outcome for us was fantastic and we are both much stronger, fitter , have much better posture and are pain free as a result of our association with Kate as our physiotherapist.”


Fay S

“I am a 32 year old PE teacher who loves to run and take part in triathlons

I have suffered with shin splints and biomechanical injuries for the last 4 years and had tried everything to improve with no real impact, until I met Kate.

Kate makes you feel very comfortable and really listens to you as a person. This to me was important as i needed someone who understood where I was coming from and where i wanted to get too as well as helping me to understand my body and how i can help my recovery even more. Kate assessed my running technique on the treadmill and advised me an areas to work on. Kate used a number of different techniques to help with my injuries and had been treating me for a few months now and I’m now back to running. Kate is a true professional and makes her patients feel at ease. Kate has had a lot of experience in the sporting field so she understands what it means to get fixed as quick as possible to get back to your training. I would definitely recommend Kate as a physio. Thank you Kate.”