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Katie Foster Physiotherapy specialises in musculoskeletal conditions with advanced training in manual therapy techniques.

About Katie Foster – Cheltenham Physiotherapist

Specialist Physiotherapy

Here at Katie Foster Physiotherapy, we have post graduate specialist training in biomechanical assessments and manual therapy alongside training in vestibular conditions (dizziness). A whole body treatment approach is used combining hands on treatments, acupuncture, strength, pilates and postural correction with a focus on correcting biomechanics. From neck complaints including whiplash to lower back pain and sciatica as well as all upper and lower limb conditions, every joint of the body can be assessed and treated. Everything and everyone is treatable from head to toe!

Biomechanical assessments can be used to identify muscular and movement imbalances to prevent injury from occurring or worsening. Qualified in swimming and running coaching, technique assessment of athletes of all abilities is available to correct biomechanical flaws that may lead to injury.

Specialist Massage

The Massage team at Katie Foster Physiotherapy offer a variety of massage techniques to address all musculoskeletal issues from head to toe. Sports massage combined with myofascial release techniques as well as The Bowen Technique, hot stone treatments, holistic massage and stretching can all be utilised by the practitioners to give a bespoke treatment to fit your individual needs.  Massage can be used as a rehabilitation treatment or for preventative treatment to avoid work postures and hobbies causing injuries.

Specialist Physiotherapy Treatments

Sports Physiotherapy

With 20 years of manual therapy experience and 12 years of pitch-side and team therapy experience Katie Foster Physiotherapy can assist with all your sporting problems and everyday injuries.

Katie Foster Physiotherapy has experience working with athletes of all levels from weekend warriors to professional and Olympic athletes. She has worked with many sports from ice hockey and lacrosse to track athletes and short track speed skaters.

From pitch side to return to play Katie Foster Physiotherapy can help you assess and manage your acute injury, providing education on how to maintain fitness and optimise your recovery to have you back to your sport as soon as possible. Helping you get fitter and stronger with better movement patterns than pre-injury to prevent recurrence and reduce risk of further injury.

Katie Foster Physiotherapy has specialist training in manual therapy and loves exploring the origin of an injury using biomechanical assessment and movement pattern review. Using manual therapy, Pilates and strengthening techniques she aims to aid your recovery and optimise your form.

Massage Therapy

Specialist Massage Treatments

Massage Therapy

Sally is joining the therapist team at Katie Foster Physio bringing with her over 20 years of experience in massage therapy. Sally enjoys horse riding and triathlon competing in both, and is a season skier. Her experience as an athlete gives her first hand knowledge of the benefits of massage and therapies in injury management and prevention.

Her treatments include:
Sports massage
Myofascial release
The Bowen Technique
Sports stretching
Hot stone massage

Sally uses a combination of sports massage, hot stone techniques, fascia techniques and incorporates Bowen movements to provide a truly unique and bespoke treatment. She often uses the Bowen Technique as a stand alone treatment for specific ailments or if a number of other therapies have been used and don’t seem to work!

The Bowen Technique is particularly good at treating:
Stress related difficulties
Knee problems & Hamstring difficulties
Back difficulties
Asthma/ Hay fever
TMJ/neck Jaw difficulties

This treatment is generally done through light clothing and is a sequence of rolling moves over the tendons, ligaments and muscle causing a vibration which sends a healing message to the brain. Short rests are put in place to enable the body to relax and do its work as the body is treated as a whole.

A very relaxing but powerful treatment.

“Simply the best! Katie has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and is able to spot diagnose and treat any problem efficiently and accurately. She has treated both myself following a hip replacement and my daughter through a protracted athletics injury last year as well as various aches, pains and sprains/ tears using a variety of techniques with professionalism and kindness getting her through to full training and competition again. With Katie’ s help and advice she is now fitter than ever and has been injury free for some time. Never too busy to help, no niggle too small,she is friendly, supportive and understanding… We will never go anywhere else!”

Alison S.